Cleaning Inspection Tools and Accessories.

Expect What You Inspect.

Creative Solutions
 provides cleaning inspection tools and accessories to facility managers who wish to ensure clients and supervisors that facility surfaces and materials have been properly cleaned. Our products will help you:

- Oversee staff without having to waste time and money.

- Prevent the spread of diseases, bacteria, and viruses such as the flue.

- Provide visual evidence of your cleaning efforts. 

- Prevent sanitation lawsuits.

- Reward staff who practice proper cleaning procedures.

- Keep your supplies and equipment organized. 


As a manger responsible for housekeeping at a retirement community I had my hands full. I though my housekeepers we doing a good job but I could not prove it. One day we had a cleaning complaint from a residents family and I promptly looked into the problem but found nothing. A few days later I had the same complaint, again I promptly looked into it and found nothing. Not wanting to have this happen again I wanted to figure out how I could prove to this family that we were properly cleaning. That night I went to a show where they stamped my hand with an invisible UV ink to prove that I had paid . The light bulb went off - that’s how I will prove that we are cleaning. Well it was not quite that easy. It seemed that the invisible UV ink that they stamped my hand with was a permanent UV ink. I worked with a chemist for several weeks and after many, many attempts we finial arrived at the perfect washable invisible UV ink. 

The story does not end their, we started using the Inspector ink to find out what was going on in this residents room and we came to find out that we were cleaning but the resident dementia has at a more advance stage than anyone thought. The resident was soiling his room after the housekeeping was done but before the family visited. Thanks to the Inspector, the residents care plan was improved and the family understood that he was indeed being well taken care of.

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